Village Power

“Village Powers” give the town board authorization to regulate for the public health, safety and welfare of the township beyond the limitations granted by the state statutes.  What it doesn’t do is turn the town into a village!  The Town of Leeds was granted village powers by the electors in the past which enabled the board to establish a Plan Commission and Comprehensive Plan among other things.  Unfortuately this documentation is not readily accessible so the electors attending the 2023 Annual Meeting again authorized the board to exercise village powers under Chapter 60.10(2)(c) of the Wisconsin Statues.  Below is the documentation needed to once again grant the Town of Leeds town board village powers.  

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Section 60.80(1)( c), Wis Stats. required this action to be posted in three places.

Posting includes the Leeds Town hall, Hampden-Leeds Recycling Center and Town Website.