Arlington Farms

Arlington Farms Agricultural Research Station Background


AARS Headquarters - aerial view of the Arlington Ag Research Station Headquarters complex, located at N695 Hopkins Road.


WICST – Aerial view of the research trial located along Badger Lane, just west of Hwy 51.


Blaine Dairy and WICST - aerial view of the Blaine Dairy Research Facility and the Wisconsin Integrated Cropping Systems Trial.


Organic Soil & Crops - PhD research project located on Hwy K, just west of Hwy 51.

  • Organic Soil & Crop Nutrient Management
  • Long-term experiment, UW Arlington Ag Research Station
  • Initiated Fall 2006; Certified Organic Fall 2009
  • Rotation: alfalfa/grass (oat)-alfalfa/grass-corn-soybean

Arlington Agricultural Research Station

N695 Hopkins Road, Arlington, WI. 53911

Phone: (608) 846-376
Email: [email protected]

Welcome to the Arlington Ag Research Station

The Arlington Agricultural Research Station is used by almost all disciplines in the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. With well over 2,000 acres, the complex is composed of 14 crop and livestock units. These include the Agronomy, Beef Nutrition, Beef Grazing, Biological Systems Engineering, Emmons Blaine Dairy Center, Entomology, Headquarters, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, Sheep, Soils, Swine, and Veterinary Science units. In addition, the Forestry Department maintains approximately 55 acres of trees for research. Also at the Arlington ARS is the Wisconsin Foundation Seed Program which is crucial to new agronomy crop variety development and seed quality.

There is no single agricultural and natural sciences focus to the station's research mission; rather, the station supports a wide variety of scientific research and agricultural educational activities.


20 miles north of Madison, 1 mile west of State Hwy. 51, Dane County
Distance to Madison - 20 miles
Nearest City - Arlington.

Land Area

2,037 acres (824 hectares)

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