Recycling Center

Hampden-Leeds Recycle Center

The Hampden - Leeds Disposal Site located on County Road C is provided as a convenience for the residents of the Town of Leeds and the Town of Hampden to dispose of recyclables and bagged waste.  This site is NOT A LICENSED DUMP.  The Recycling Center is open Saturdays, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  NOTE:  the center is always closed on the opening week-end of the November deer gun season.

Provided at this site are green boxes for RECYCLABLE ITEMS made of glass, tin, paper, cardboard and plastic.

Acceptable in the Recycling Boxes
  • Cardboard , corrugated cardboard, flattened
  • Glass bottles: green, brown, and clear (Must be rinsed clean, remove caps, labels, etc.)
  • Tin cans and Aluminum cans (Must be rinsed clean, labels off & flatten if possible)
  • Paper (Newspapers and magazines - Must be separated, clean & dry; bundle or place in bag)
  • Plastic (Must be rinsed clean, remove caps, labels, etc.)

Dumpsters are provided for bagged garbage

(Clear, See-Through Bags Must Be Used!)

Acceptable in the Dumpsters
  • Light bulbs (not fluorescent), dishes
  • Plastic toys, swimming pools
  • Plastics and non recyclable trash
  • Paper, soda & beer boxes, glossy cardboard, lumber and yard waste  are NOT to be put in the dumpster.
The Attendant Will Send These Items Home With You!
The Following Are Not Acceptable At This Site!!
  • Medical waste (contact pharmacy or veternarian)
  • Hazardous waste (dispose during Clean Sweep Drive)
  • Building Material or remodeling waste
  • Furniture, Tires, Appliances, Waste Oil, Large Ceramics

The Columbia County Solid Waste facility does accept or can direct you to someone that will take other items such as Waste Oil, Furniture, Tires, Appliances and Large Ceramics. There is a cost involved. The facility is located on Highway 16 east of the juncture of Highway 16 and U.S Highway 51. Telephone (608) 742-6651.

If you are doing remodeling or extensive clean-up, you are encouraged to check the yellow pages to contact area garbage or trash removal companies for rental of a dumpster.

There are area companies that will accept iron, steel, tin, aluminum, etc.

BURNABLES are not accepted. Burning barrels and trash fires are acceptable at your home if you have a Burning PermitBurning permit info